Psychological Test

On this page, you can try our psychological scales to examine and get the results about mobile phone addiction, psychological work environment and learning style.
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Arabic Mobile Addiction Scale

  • Author: Amjed Abojedi, Fayez Azez Mahamid, & Ola Alhoyan
  • Questions: 31
  • License: Free personal use
  • Age: 18-30

The Arabic Mobile Addiction Scale is a self-report assessment tool that comprises 31 items. each item has a five-point Likert scale (Nerve, seldom, sometimes, often and almost always). This scale measure five main symptoms of mobile addiction(salience/ preoccupancy, mood modification, tolerance, withdrawal and conflict/negative consequences). Please answer all the following questions and then you can see your result on the Arabic mobile addition scale.  

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Work environment

  • Author: Amjed Abojedi
  • Questions: 77
  • License: Active
  • Age: 18-36

The work environment provides self-insight about how the employees perceived the workplace based on self-report rating.