The Arabic Mobile Addiction Scale is a self-report assessment tool that comprises 31 items. each item has a five-point Likert scale (Nerve, seldom, sometimes, often and almost always). This scale measure five main symptoms of mobile addiction(salience/ preoccupancy, mood modification, tolerance, withdrawal and conflict/negative consequences).
Please answer all the following questions and then you can see your result on the Arabic mobile addition scale.


1.I find myself preoccupied with my mobile phone when I am doing other things and causes problems for me.
2.When the mobile phone is out of reach, I become preoccupied with calls that I might receive.
3.When I receive phone calls, I focus all my attention on the call and ignore other things.
4.I find it very difficult to turn off my mobile phone.
5.I use the mobile phone in order to improve my mood
6.I use the mobile phone to talk with others when I feel lonely.
7.I feel depressed when I can’t use the mobile phone, for lack of credit.
8.I avoid facing problems, through engaging with the mobile phone.
9.I feel satisfied with myself when I received calls and text messages.
10.I continually check my mobile phone, to make sure it’s connected.
11.I feel nervous and irritable if I turn off my mobile phone during meetings or studying hours.
12.I feel lost without my mobile phone.
13.I feel angry and irritable when I can’t answer incoming calls or messages.
14.I feel tense when I can’t use my mobile phone for a short period of time.
15.I feel anxious when my mobile phone is turned off.
16.I feel disconnected from other people if my mobile phone lost or broken
17.The first thing I always do when I wake-up, is checking my mobile phone.
18.My family and friends complained about my excessive use of the mobile phone
19.I have physical pain caused by my mobile phone usage.
20.I often arrive late to appointments, and meetings, because of using my mobile phone.
21.I got in trouble many times due to my mobile phone ringing during class or meetings
22.I have pain and an ulcer in my finger due to excessive use (text messaging, or games).
23.I have ignored some of my family and social responsibilities because I am preoccupied with my mobile phone.
24.My social participation has been reduced during the last 12 months, due to excessive mobile use.
25.My relationship with my friend’s disturbance due to the excessive use of the mobile phone.
26.I spend more time using the mobile phone more than I have planned.
27.I hide from others the amount of time I used using the mobile phone.
28.The time I spend using the mobile phone, has increased during the last 12 months.
29.I tried to reduce the time I spend on my mobile phone but in no vain.
30.Others told me that I spend a long time using the mobile phone.
31.I have changed aspects of my ordinary life, to enable me to use my mobile phone freely.