What did we learn from our research and psychometric experience?

Successfully completing a research project is challenging without having the right expertise and resources. Through our journey, we learned that technical skills are critical to accurately achieve the research goals. Therefore, we feature our abilities to develop the mindful research design and own the right analysis skills as well as communicate the research result to serve our stakeholders for knowledge translation and make a positive community and professional impact. 


We do a range of research for organizations. This service will include: a) needs assessment, b) community-based research) scoping review and d) survey research. Our team possesses proven experiences in qualitative, quantitative and mixed design research approaches. We work with each organization to clarify their needs and situation and make sure that we are able to design, execute and communicate the results of the research tailor-fitted to them. We have access to numerous research resources and access to the knowledge and experience of researcher experts from psychology, education, and social sciences and apply insights from one area to others.

Our  research service including the following main activities:

  1. Research planning and design
  2. Research protocol development
  3. Background and literature review
  4. Research tools development including validity and reliability
  5. Data collection and analysis (qualitative, quantitative and mixed design)
  6. Research results reporting
  7. Knowledge translation for the research results.



Psychometrics Tools Development

We have the commitment to advance the psychological assessment industry in the Arab region by creating partnerships with major psychological test publishers in the world to translate these assessment tools into the Arabic language. Our previous experience demonstrated how we successfully translated and standardized many assessment tools into the Arabic language. Also, we offer services to organizations looking to develop psychological measures in all areas of assessment: educational, clinical and occupational. From large publishers to smaller consultancies and clinics, we have decades of experience in meeting customized test specifications


Our  Psychometrics’ Tools Development Services include the following main activities:

  1. Content translation and cultural adaptation
  2. Material design and production
  3. Expert Consultations and review for the assessment tool content
  4. Pilot samples and exploration of the assessment tools’ appropriateness and fairness for the target group
  5. Data collection for (validity, reliability and age reference norms deriving ) purposes
  6. Development of individual profile interpretation criteria for assessment and diagnostic decision-making
  7. Conduct psychometric research for the assessment tools predictivity for the special target groups.
  8. Commercial publication of  assessment tools

Scoring System Development

We have the capacity to help organizations and professionals transform psychometric practice by using a web-based application for assessment administration, scoring, and reporting. We do this by using the most advanced technology in building interactive, responsive and user-friendly applications for psychological assessment purposes. Our assessment web solutions allow the organization to fully manage/update its assessment tools.

Our web application comprises the following main components and features:

  1. Create assessment tools with many different answer scale formats
  2. Aggregate the assessment questions into the domains/ subscales
  3. Convert the domains/ subscales raw score/s into age equivalent score or/ and different types of linear and non-linear score transformation
  4. Create individual profiles for each examinee as well as synthesize narrative reports
  5. Import large numbers of assessment questions and map with domains/ subscales and  answer scales through one single excel sheet
  6. Give the examinee the possibility to do multiple assessments or repeat the same assessment many times over.

Psychological Assessment Training

We offer certified training for clinicians, special education practitioners and pediatricians to administer, score and interpret the results of our assessment tools. Standard training modules are available but we can also work with the client to develop specific training designs to suit the individual needs of our professionals.


Our training approach is designed to meet the following criteria.

  1. Verify that the trainees possess all the previous required knowledge to lay the ground for the trainees to acquire the training content in depth.
  2. Provide the trainee with the necessary theoretical background and the recent research findings in and around the topics of the training
  3. Allow the experiential learning to build the core competencies and skills to successfully administer, score and interpret the assessment results in clinical and intervention settings
  4. Build individual follow-up and supervision plans for each training to transfer the knowledge and the skills into practices as well as support the professional insight and reflections
  5. Gain the training certificate after successfully meeting the training requirements