Our Journey

We started our professional journey in research almost 20 years ago through our collaboration with major academic institutes and community organizations in the Middle East. In 2016 we extended our collaboration with leading international psychological publishers to sign exclusive agreement to translate and develop cognitive and developmental testing batteries such as International Performance Scale – Leiter-3, Merrill-Palmer Revised Scales-Of-Development (M-P-R) – Arabic Version and Checklist for Autism Spectrum Disorder (CASD). Now we are providing psychometric tools, community-based research, community program development and program evaluation consultations in many countries in the Middle East including Jordan, Lebanon, Qatar UAE, Saudi Arabia and Oman.t

Our Vision

Leading the psychological and educational testing industry in the Arab world.

Our Mission

Collaborate with international partners and researchers to produce and distribute psychological and educational assessments and tests that cater to the diverse needs of assessment specialists.

What Makes us Different?

Advance Experience

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With almost two decades of fostering experiences in the research and development of assessment tools, we aim to efficiently serve professionals from the Arab countries in research building practices. We help our professionals advance their knowledge from research results. We beef them up and progress psychometric practice by lending a hand at assessment research and best practices.

Industry Leadership

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Being a close-knit network working meticulously with our worldwide partners in research best practices, we conduct high-quality research in the areas of social science and psychometry. Our pioneering practices originate from our worldwide professional organization alliance. We are glad to present ourselves as industry leaders in the whole of the Arab world.

Customized Services

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We provide highly dedicated psychometric testing to our professionals based on their needs and requirements. Psychometric testing greatly helps in making deductions in changes in human psychological behavior. Our services are highly customized and take into account the varying needs, demands  and cultural diversity of our specialist professional users.

Transformative Vision

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We strive to adopt the well-recognized cognitive and behavioral assessment tools in the field and bring them to practice among assessment specialists.  We are eager to equip the assessors with professional training and support the optimization of their clinical diagnostic and assessment decisions and bring them to  international best practice and standards.