This certificate is designed based on the assessor’s previous general psychometrics knowledge and skills. As well as their expertise and familiarity with psychopathology and neurodevelopmental disorders. Also, this certificate will provide in-depth knowledge and skills in the domain of cognitive assessment for Leiter-3. In addition to the focuses on ethical and professional standards, cultural consideration and best practices of cognitive assessment. The detailed description of the certificate in the following section

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  • Show adequate knowledge about the psychometric process and cognitive assessment

Pass 90 multiple choices questions exam about “Psychometric process and cognitive assessment” with ≥70%. the exam comprises 6 main topics in psychometric which are (nature of the assessment process, test construction, administration and interpretation, validity and reliability, assessment for special education, assessment in school settings, and cognitive and non-verbal assessment. Or complete an online module about the psychometric process and cognitive assessment, this criteria weight (15%).

  • Show adequate knowledge about professional and ethical practice in psychometric and assessment

The complete online module of professional and ethical practices psychometric and assessment, this criteria weight (15%).

  • Show adequate knowledge in the cultural dimension of cognitive assessment best practices

The complete online module of cultural dimension and cognitive assessment best practices, this criteria weight (15%).

  • Show adequate knowledge and skills about Leiter-3: background, administration process, scoring and report result interpretation    

Complete 25 hours of Leiter-3 training for five modules:

    1. Leiter-3 background and Arabic version development.
    2. Leiter-3 cognitive battery.
    3. Leiter-3 memory and attention battery.
    4. Leiter-3 administration and scoring.
    5. Leiter-3 report and the interpretation of the result.

Successfully passing 3 knowledge tests for modules (1-3) with an average grade of (70%) or more. Besides, completing  2 major assignments for training modules (4-5) with an average passing grade more of (80%), this criteria weight (40%).

  • Demonstrate practical skills in Leiter-3  administration, scoring and report interpretation.

Complete 12 supervision/ Consultation hours with successful 3 cases Leiter-3 administration and report interpretation, this criteria weight (15%).



Arabic Leiter-3 certificate is aiming to achieve the following aims

  • Mastering the basic concepts of measurement, mental, and cognitive assessment.
  • Knowing the theoretical background of cognitive and mental assessment tests as well as using the tests in nonverbal cognitive assessment.
  • Knowing the theoretical background of the Arabic Leiter-3 scale and the stages of Arabic version development.
  • Knowing and applying the cognitive battery sub-tests.
  • Knowing and applying the attention and memory battery sub-tests.
  • Knowing and applying the examiners’ rating scales
  • Building the skills of the Arabic Leiter-3 scoring and generating the examinee’s profile.
  • Building the skills of the Arabic Leiter-3 interpretation report writing and recommendation
  • Identifying the distinctive Arabic Leiter-3 profiles of some childhood neurodevelopmental disorders such as autism, learning difficulties, attention deficit, and hyperactivity
  • Knowing the ethical and professional considerations for applying and interpreting the results of the Arabic Leiter-3.
  • Module one: psychological assessment5
    • Model One introduction
    • What is Psychological Assessment
    • History of Cognitive Assessment
    • Components of Psychological Assessment
  • Module two: Leiter-3 background
    • Model two introduction
    • History of Leiter -3
    • The need for nonverbal assessment
    • Leiter-3 comparison with other IQ assessment instrument
  • Module three: Leiter-3 cognitive battery
    • Module three introduction
    • Figure-Ground
    • Form Completion
    • Classification & Analogies
    • Sequential Order
    • Visual Patterns
  • Module four: Leiter-3 attention and memory battery 
    • Module four introduction
    • Attention Sustained
    • Forward Memory
    • Attention Divided
    • Reverse Memory
    • Nonverbal Stroop
  • Module five: examiner rating scale
    • Module five introduction
    • Emotions/Regulations
    • Cognitive/Social
    • Sensory Reaction
    • Anxiety
    • Regulation
    • Energy and Feelings
    • Sociability
    • Activity Level
    • Organization/Impulse Control
    • Attention
  • Module six: Leiter-3 administration and scoring
    • Module six introduction
    • Administration start and stop rules
    • Convert raw to scaled and percentile scores for subsets
    • Calculate supplementary scores
    • Calculate the growth score
  • Module seven: Leiter-3 reporting and results interpretation
    • Leiter-3 report generating
    • Leiter-3 results interpretation
  • Module Eight: Ethical and professional in cognitive assessment
    • Module eight introduction
    • Ethical consideration and principle in assessment
    • Ethical guideline in cognitive assessment
    • Clinical decision making

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